Practice Review

$2,000 ex. GST once-off (one location – up to 2 partners and 10 staff)

$3,000 ex. GST once-off (one location – 3 partners and 15 staff)

$4,500 ex. GST once-off (one location – 5 partners and 30 staff)

  • Interview key stakeholders and observe workflow
  • Identify risk/problem areas
  • Report on findings
  • Define scope for ongoing engagement


$1,500 ex. GST – one day workshop

  • Present findings of review
  • Confirm findings and get buy-in from all stakeholders
  • Prioritise projects
  • Define scope of detailed review of high priority items

Standard Engagement to Address Problems and Solutions for Issues Above

$2,250 ex. GST per month – including:

  • Unlimited access by telephone and email
  • Up to 15 hours consulting per month

Project-Based Engagement

This is a custom rate that will be negotiated for each project depending on the scope of the project.